If Biden wins, it will change America

To the editor:

As I read views of people supporting Joe Biden I understand. The mainstream media apparently hates President Trump and paints a negative view of everything he touches. Their obvious bias leads one to believe he is the devil. If you believe their propaganda, vote for Joe.

Remember, Joe Biden has been in government for 47 years, including eight as vice president. Now, he knows how to fix everything he didn’t before. His campaign so far has consisted of avoiding questions, blaming Trump for everything COVID, picking, not the best running mate, but a black woman, has promised if there an opening on the Supreme Court, not to pick the best person, but a black woman. We should want the best person period and not look at sex or color but Joe plays the game.

As for Trump, look at what he has accomplished in 3 and 1/2 years. Supported 2017 tax bill to reduce taxes, but maybe most important, the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21% making us competitive with the rest of the world. Paul Ryan told of the biggest company in Wisconsin moving to Ireland. Our tax rate was 35%, theirs was 12.5%. Cutting regulations, making us energy independent, supporting our police and military, improving the VA where “trust and approval” ratings by vets went from 50% to 90%, passing USMCA, getting NATO nations to pay something for their defense. New trade agreements with Japan, S. Korea and China. Before the virus, all time lows in unemployment for Hispanics, Blacks, and Asian Americans, close to all time rates for women, overall low rate of 3.5. Median income during the 16 years of Bush-Obama rose approximately $3,000, since Trump came in, it rose $6,000.

Obama said North Korea would be Trump’s greatest challenge. Notice they are not launching missiles over Japan and toward Hawaii since Trump engaged. Obama told America manufacturing jobs were gone and would not be back. Since the tax reforms companies and manufacturing jobs are flooding back into the U.S. Terrorist attacks are drastically down in the U.S. and around the world after Trump virtually destroyed ISIS. Sad stories like the Boston Marathon bombing, the police stabbings and bus bombings in the U.K., the beheading of journalists seem gone.

Being the leader, Trump is open to criticism about the handling of the virus. He has tried to balance keeping the economy from crashing, while encouraging people to act wisely to stay safe. Thanks to Operation Warp Speed several vaccines should be through trials in a few weeks. Medical experts will review the data and hopefully approve in a few more weeks. A vaccine will insure our health. The president’s policies will bring the economy back.

The election of Biden/Harris will fundamentally change America. Please think about the country you want to live in and vote. Our future will hinge on it.

Wayne Loht



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