Don’t feel sorry for Biden; he is no victim

To the editor:

Once again a left wing advocate tweaks my point. I was not addressing anyone but Mr. Biden and yes, I did add the cause of the accident only because Mr. Biden was, at the time of the tragedy, allowing the cause to be misdirected to an innocent party.

In most accident reports the cause of the accident is included as well as what was the cause if not in the initial story then often a bit later.

If you are going to attack the republicans who did not serve in the military, Mr. Geedey why include George W. Bush who actually did serve unlike your obvious heroes, Obama and Biden? Perhaps Biden thinks his claim to service is attached to his son Hunter who was given a commission at the age of 43 (a political favor) and shortly thereafter kicked out, not honorably, after failing a drug test. I am sure somewhere in this history lesson the Biden supporters can claim victimhood for the Biden family and give it some empathy. On the other hand my empathy would go, not to Biden, but to all of those innocents murdered in the womb that he approves and supports without an ounce of empathy.

That said, let me get to some facts, not matters of illusionary victimhood.

If, God forbid, Joe Biden and his apparent communist vice president take control of the White House their first promise is to erase our right to bear arms. That of course would mean removing one of the Bill of Rights as listed in the 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution — the second.

That will be but the tip of the their sword of destruction for other amendments, such as the first, which will be geared down to protect the left-wing press and their allies, but limit religious expression, even to the point of mimicking the Communist Chinese policies of restrictions on religious freedom. Without the 10 amendments, the Constitution will have lost it teeth, our protective rights in favor of a socialistic move to replace it.

Biden is a career politician who has benefited monetarily by his own son’s incompetent hand attached to daddy’s vice president position. This is a family whose interests are in the money gained from countries that look for favor; and that includes the Russians and the Communist Chinese. They do not give out money unless it gives them benefits now or later. So the question is: to whom would a President Biden owe his loyalties?

Diane L. Logan



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