Do you know the full horror of abortion?

To the editor:

Choice. It sounds so harmless, so innocent so right. But.

Here is what it includes:

Partial birth. Do you understand what that is? Let me help you a bit.

This can be an about-to-be-born baby. Sweet innocent little child of God. Moreso than you or I. Do you have the courage to read this? I challenge you to read to the end.

The baby is turned in the womb. Pulled out feet first until the only part still in the mother is his/her head. Then they remove his/her brain. I think sometimes the baby is still alive.

Please, someone with first-hand knowledge or experience with this, correct any errors above, without lies.

I’m going by interviews with doctors and nurses who have done this multiple times and finally became so sickened by it that they gave up that very profitable career. It’s a billions-of-dollars business industry.

God forgives.

Donald Hirakis



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