You can vote out Trump without supporting Dems

To the editor:

This is in response to two recent letters from Mr. Michael Spahr. The most recent, on Tuesday, Sept. 1, compares the government response to COVID-19 and car accidents. The two are in no way comparable.

Car accidents, unless it is a chain reaction, are not contagious. If I have an accident this morning, I don’t need to fear that my friends and family will all have accidents in the next two weeks. However, if I am exposed to and come down with COVID-19 this morning, I can expose everyone I contact, including my 89-year-old mother.

This virus is the most contagious thing that has come along in my memory. Mr. Spahr suggests concentrating protection on those most vulnerable and letting everyone else make their own choices. So he is suggesting that anyone over 65 or with underlying conditions should be completely separated so he can go on with his life as normal? Those with relatives in nursing homes or hospitals are already suffering from not being able to visit and he wants more “protection.”

If you have been paying attention, the numbers of COVID-19 have been soaring in Mifflin County since the beginning of July. I feel that is clearly a reflection of the number of residents that are not wearing masks when in public.

In addition, I must address Mr. Spahr’s letter of Saturday, Aug. 29. He says he has voted and will vote for Trump though he emphasizes how much he dislikes Trump. Mr. Spahr hates Trump’s manner of speaking and feels he embarrasses our country.

I don’t have space to address whether Trump’s policies are “spot on.” But whether you agree with his policies or not, why would you want a leader who is an embarrassment? And Trump is. He is a joke among the leaders of other countries. Oh yes, except for Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un, who know they can use Trump’s narcissism to get what they want.

Prior to Trump, we had eight years of calm, classy leadership, respected worldwide. The country was not embroiled in riots and protests and the Ebola virus was quickly erased. Compare that to where we are now. This country cannot take “four more years.” If you are worried about Democrats’ policies taking over, vote red on down ballot positions so there is a balance of power. But get that “embarrassment” out of the White House.

Kathryn Moore



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