Would I have called a social worker? Absolutely

To the editor:

I would like to answer Diane Logan’s question from her Sat. Sept. 12 letter to the editor “What would (I) have done? Call a social worker?”

Well Ms. Logan, yes. That is exactly what I would have done. But first, I would have covered the naked, handcuffed, man with a bag over his head sitting in the middle of the street surrounded by police, with a blanket — you know, a bit of kindness for a fellow human being clearly in distress. Additionally, as he was on drugs, I would have called a substance abuse counselor.

Now to the ridiculous statement “The cops even helped paramedics render assistance when Pride suddenly became unresponsive.” Seriously! Pride did not “suddenly become unresponsive,” he was rendered unresponsive by police brutality. Call it what it is please. I know this will be hard to believe but, had they not brutalized him, they would not have needed to help the paramedics. You know, had they called the paramedics before they brutalized him, they could have helped the paramedics render assistance to the naked, handcuffed man with a bag over his head sitting in the middle of the street instead of brutalizing him. Plus, you don’t get brownie points for helping those helping the person you just nearly killed and who will later die due to your actions.

Finally, Ms. Logan, I don’t understand why Donald Trump would need to be there “to give orders or even advice.” He has been president for three and a half years during which time he has repeatedly spoken, directly and indirectly, to law enforcement telling them “don’t be too nice” and “rough them up.” So, yes Diane, he has been giving the order for years. Particularly when you consider that, Trump supporters (with their cult like following) treat his word as gospel.

Eric Becht



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