Was your vote rational or was it rationalized?

To the editor:

Many of you chose to vote for Donald Trump because he wasn’t a “politician”; in as much as what you are doing when voting is hiring the person to do the job, let’s examine that sentiment.

If you were, for example, hiring a lifeguard would you hire somebody that couldn’t swim? Would the fact that the person in question owned a business installing swimming pools somehow make up for his swimming deficit?

When hiring a person to do a job it is sometimes acceptable to overlook a certain lacking if the applicant has skills that would compensate; does the lifeguard applicant excel in life saving skills, for example? Would you consider a person that had no medical training but played a doctor on TV?

Now let me concede for the sake of argument that hiring a person because he had no experience whatsoever for the position sought was a good idea. You would have to concede that such a person would have to possess the humility, that would allow himself to share the stage with those that can perform the tasks that he can’t. Failing that, this same person would have to have the intelligence to follow the advice of those more learned than himself and share the credit upon completion; if he truly cared about succeeding at the task.

Now I ask you, has Donald Trump demonstrated in any way that he has the humility, intelligence or desire that it takes to succeed in doing what is required by anybody that would hold the office of president of the United States?

Clark Wagner



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