Thank you to the man who saved my life

To the editor:

I would like to thank the man who performed the Heimlich maneuver on the lady who was choking in the Burnham OIP restaurant on Friday, Sept. 4, as well as the owners and others there for their help and concern. I was that lady and I don’t feel that I adequately expressed my appreciation for all that was done for me.

To those of you who instantly came to my aid, please understand you were all a “God-send.” I truly appreciate all the help you gave, from the coaching, praying, calling 911, to the medically forceful “hugs” that eventually, but ultimately, caused the dislodging of the food particle stuck and blocking my windpipe.

The whole situation seemed so unreal at the time, as though it were a book I was reading, that I never thought to ask the name of the man who, basically, saved my life. So, sir, I hope you are reading this and sensing the presence of Almighty God, whom I’ve asked to bless you and your family in a special way. May you and all those who came to my aid realize that you all were the voices, hands and arms our creator used to prevent my untimely death. From the bottom of my heart, and my heavenly father’s as well, I say, “thank you!”

Let this note that, in this world of chaos and wickedness, there are still some pretty wonderful people who are eager to help a fellow citizen in need. God bless you all.

Shirley Stoner



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