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Editor’s note: These letters are in response to a letter from David Faust published in our Sept. 7 edition.

Sad but true, but here are the rest of the facts

To the editor:

President Ronald Reagan invaded the island of Grenada along with a coalition of six Caribbean nations on Oct. 25, 1983. It was called Urgent Fury. The main reason why the United States invaded the island of Grenada was “to prevent a communist government from spreading to other Caribbean islands,” but it was also to protect the lives of almost 1,000 Americans who were living on the island at the time.

President George W. Bush let the invasion forces in the Middle East because of the “little incident on Sept. 11, 2001.” Maybe Mr. Faust forgot about that day.

And finally the administration of Barack Obama and Joe Biden built the detention centers at the borders that contained the so called cages to protect the detainees.

Mr Faust should try watching news outlets other than CNN and MSNBC. Or better yet try and do his own research.

Curt Schell


Some more facts for everyone to consider

To the editor:

Which United States political party stands for and supports with taxpayer money (yours and mine) the killing of nearly 1 million pre-born babies each year in this country?

Answer: The Democratic Party. So sad but true. This is also a fact.

Barbara Inch



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