Non-connected incidents used to place blame

To the editor:

Once again Mr. Becht uses any and all non-connected incidents to impose some imagined blame on the president. But that is what Trump haters do. They are after all committed to the Alinsky doctrine of hate and insurrection.

Examine the facts Mr. Becht if you can. I know they get in the way of your hatred for Trump but surely through your deep seated hateful mental haze some of them might get through.

First of all Prude was high on PCB. “Prude’s own brother, Joe, called 911 for help, telling police that Prude was acting suicidal and had thrown himself ‘head first’ down 21 flights of stairs. Joe was also worried that his brother may have jumped in front of a train.”

When the police arrived they found themselves confronted with a nude man acting erratically: “Bodycam footage of the 41-year-old’s arrest was recently released, showing officers placing a spit shield over Prude’s head after he had refused to stop spitting and told officers he had the coronavirus.”

Furthermore, the cops did restrain Prude as they do with all suspects who want to break into a house and “kill everybody” inside and in Prude’s case ask for a gun to commit the act.

The cops even helped paramedics render assistance when Prude suddenly became unresponsive. I suppose that according to the radical left is police brutality.

Prude’s death was due to his own behavior with the main cause — PCB intoxication and excited delirium. The police at the scene in fact did everything they could to restrain Prude and in no way used excessive force either before or after his arrest. Placing an arrestee in hand-cuffs, placing him on the ground in a prone position and putting a SPIT SHIELD over his head, after he spat and claimed to have COVID, was all done in accordance with proper procedure to thwart harm to him as well as those around him.

What would you have done, Mr. Becht? Call a social worker or perhaps just stand there writing a paper on some mystical Trump abuse?

The police did all that was necessary and believe it or not Mr. Becht, Donald Trump was not there to give orders or even advice. But then he did not need to be present for those like you to attach to him some of your illogical deep seated hate.

Diane Logan



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