Democrats’ criticisms of Trump full of hypocrisy

To the editor:

Hypocrisy? Let me count the ways…

Thou shall not kill — Exodus 20:13

The Black Lives Matter Organization (BLM) stand for Black lives matter? Why are there Planned Parenthood buildings planted in predominantly black/inner city? Oh, that’s right, their founder was a racist and wanted to eliminate the Black community. Where’s BLM’s outrage? Oh, that’s right, there is none! BLM’s money is funneled directly into the Democratic Party ( check their website, what they stand for and where their money goes).

Hmm, President Trump: lowest unemployment rate for Black people and lots of other minorities before COVID. President Trump restored funding for Black Colleges and Universities.

Thou shall not steal — Exodus 20:15

Socialism –everyone should have a universal income, so business owners who invest all of the money and take on all of the risks to start a business should get paid the same amount of money as their employees? Democrat utopia?

Hmm, President Trump: Capitalism: private owners and not the government owned and controlled businesses, along with their regulations such as in socialized healthcare where the government can basically decide whether you live or die. (Democrat governors deciding that you can not get hydroxychloroquine).

I could go on and on and on. Hypocrisy at its finest!

President Trump has done everything that he ran on that he possibly could do with all of the obstruction and opposition from the Democratic Party and “fake news.” Please tell me one thing that the Democratic Party has done other than obstruct everything that he tried to do. They have wasted taxpayer money on a witch hunt when they in fact have been using the FBI to spy and obstruct. Disgusting. They have done nothing for the American people.

Oh, and thank you President Trump for making church essential while Democrats are trying to shut them down. And don’t sing in church by the way, but you can riot in the streets.

As a Christian, it is not my job to judge anyone’s heart, including the president’s. Does he always say the most eloquent things? No. But does he make decisions that align with Christian beliefs? Absolutely! I’m glad that our president isn’t a lifelong politician who was trained to say what the people want to hear and then do the opposite.

Let him who is without sin cast the first stone John 8:7


God has said in His word over 365 times “Thou shall not fear” — more than one for each day of the year! Don’t let the “fake news” or the liberals in general, steal your joy and hope that we as Christians have in Jesus! COVID-19 nor “fake news” determine my days, Jesus does. Remember that.

Beth A. (Stimely) White



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