BLM’s intentions are about Marxism more than race

To the editor:

So now, according to Mr. Geedey, an organization founded by Marxists on Marxist principles has somehow become a peaceful assembly of protestors. Only a fool would accept that. The seed of a weed does not grow into a rose.

The BLM is but an instrument intended to introduce an anti-American formula that purposely invites their anarchist ally, Antifa, to commit acts of violence not at all absent of BLM members themselves as witnessed by their wearing of the BLM identity labels on their clothing and signs they carry. They are but kissing cousins and no socialistic misdirection can erase that fact. Or perhaps Mr. Geedey does not understand the meaning of aiding and abetting?

How can anyone in their right mind think BLM activists with ropes attached to monuments in an attempt to pull them to the ground is a peaceful activity? It is vandalism and should be dealt with as destruction of property, a criminal act. It seems quite apparent that much of the antics of the BLM and its cohorts is mimicry of those used in the Bolshevik playbook during the early 20th century in Russia and today follows the Alinsky doctrine that fosters contempt of every American value.

The figures Mr. Geedey alluded to, apparently attributed to Wikipedia, a rather liberal leaning info center where facts are not as important as are opinions of contributors. And, God forbid, should a conservative wish to address those opinions they are either ignored or admonished for taking to task a leftist elitist. Give me a break! And please do not get me started on Netflix, an entity that is slowing fostering deviant behaviors even aimed at children. If those and left leaning publications are your primary source of information then, sir, you are well on your way to joining the example created by Lenin, the Nazi brown shirts and the Mussolini fascists. Repeat a lie often enough and the ignorant will come to believe it as truth.

I look upon each and every BLM group for what they are: socialists who eagerly advocate the destruction of our constitutional principles or the dupes and lemmings who join them.

If one was honest and really wanted to address the violence towards blacks then perhaps he or she should travel to Chicago, Detroit, Portland, St. Louis and other Democrat controlled communities and offer help in reducing the black upon black murders ongoing each and every day that far outnumber any abusive action by a limited few in law enforcement. I for one stand with “The Thin Blue Line.”

Diane L. Logan



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