There are many reasons to not vote for Trump

To the editor:

I would like to add a bit of commentary and information to a recent letter to the editor advising people not to vote for Democrats.

I am a liberal Democrat and do not approve of abortion at will. I also believe the life of babies is valuable after birth. One example of killing tens of thousands of babies is President Trump’s continued sale of bombs to Saudi Arabia (greed over life) to bomb Yemen. Babies there also die of starvation. “Parents watch their children waste away and can do nothing about it.” — (Save the Children)

We have a Constitution with great possibilities and various groups are seeking fulfillment through it. Things have not been well for many of our citizens. See the fabulous WPSU documentary on women getting the right to vote – 30 years of campaigning and marching. In 1920, women finally acquired it. Yes, 1920. Black women gained the right to vote in 1955 through the Civil Rights Act. Imagine yourself on the “Trail of Tears, when Indian tribes were marched from their homes in the Southeast USA to land west of the Mississippi.” (Indian Removal Act of 1830.)

President Trump’s 2017 tax bill gave double digit tax decrease and other benefits to the very wealthy in our country. “Trump’s trillion-dollar deficits are putting America on a path to fiscal ruin.” — (USA Today)

There are many other reasons not to support President Trump’s re-election, but a few are his moral standards or lack thereof.

1. Having several sexual relationships with a porn star while his wife just had their son.

2. Draft dodging the Vietnam War for a supposed heel spur.

3. Separating immigrant children from their parents, imitating the tactic used on the Jews by the Nazis.

4. Finding ways for taxpayers to subsidize his family owned properties. (It costs U.S. taxpayers $3 million every time he flies to his Mar-a-lago property in Florida.)

5. V oter suppression is at its height having reached Mifflin County with the closing and consolidation of polling places.

6. The Democratic Party is more compliant with the Sermon on the Mount than any other political party I know.

7. In this time of raging sickness and death, President Trump has attorneys before the Supreme Court to rescind the Affordable Care Act, thus depriving 10 to 30 million Americans of health insurance and hospitals of payment for care. Are more hospital closings ahead?

Jackie Fisher



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