Thank you to those who donate to Burnham pool

To the editor:

On behalf of everyone that is associated with the operation and use of the Burnham swimming pool, I would like to thank every person or business that made a donation this year to help continue the pool’s operation.

The pool gets no government help and is solely operated on public donations, concessions and gate receipts.

I’ve been sending out letters each year for the past 15 years or so to persons and businesses asking for any donation they could afford to help us with. I usually send out about 80 letters and get about 40-some responses.

It’s basically the same donors every year, but I keep sending to the ones that never give in hopes that some year they may figure out that when they were growing up, someone helped pay for them to do things. You would be surprised that the people around that actually grew up at the pool are the ones that never help.

So, to the same gracious people and businesses that help us every year, we all at the Burnham pool thank you so very much.

Barry Reinard

Head fundraiser, Burnham pool


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