Suggestion made in recent letter is horrifying

To the editor:

Mr. John Brittain’s five-point letter in the July 14 Sentinel included one point that should horrify every American who reads it: “All Chinese citizens in this country should be thoroughly questioned as to their reason for being here, and suspicious types should be sent home.”

Read that again: Chinese citizens. Is Mr. Brittain aware of what happened in this country during WWII when foreign-born Japanese or Japanese-American citizens, including entire families, were interned in camps on suspicion of being a security danger to the country? He suggests that we should target Chinese citizens in the same way now.

But then, Mr. Brittain shares this mindset with the current administration. “Foreigners” of any stripe are not favored by this regime: see Mr. Trump’s current plan to send home any foreign university student who is taking online courses through his school. Perhaps Mr. Brittain should see if he can actually get a call through to the White House — there may be a job there for him.

Joan D. Loewen



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