Many who support Trump are hypocrites for doing so

To the editor:

I guess Donald Trump must have fulfilled all his campaign promises.

His most famous one was building the wall and Mexico would pay for it. He did get some wall built but he had to steal the money from the military. The army probably didn’t need that money. Too bad Obama built more wall and deported more illegals than Trump but that’s Obama.

OK. The easy one was getting rid of Obamacare and replacing it with something better. Turns out no one wanted to get rid of Obamacare unless there was a plan to replace it. Writing bills are so hard he was satisfied with just letting that go.

One of his promises that I supported was to get the military out of the Middle East. Turns out Saudi Arabia and Israel want us to fight their wars for them and we can’t disappoint them can we?

Trump swore he would be too busy to play golf like Obama.

Trump said he would stop Obama’s war on coal. It turns out that wasn’t what was killing the coal industry. Coal is just too expensive and dirty and is dying on its own.

Trump claimed to be a “great” Christian. When pressed to say what his favorite Bible verse was, he said that thing about an eye for an eye (revenge). That’s the one scripture that Jesus called out as wrong (” but I say…”).

I wonder what would have happened if it came to light shortly after Obama was elected, that he had paid hush money to a porn star and a Playboy model? I bet the Republicans would have just said “That rascal!” Obama would have been run out of town.

I wonder how many abortions Trump paid for? Hundreds? That rascal!

All these new Trump campaign ads show scenes of what he says will happen if Biden is elected, but they are what is happening now when Trump is president.

After six months of the coronavirus and 140,000 American deaths, Trump assures us they are going to develop a plan. Or distract us from that by starting civil war in our cities.

Trump is not qualified to be president and is barely qualified to be human.

Timothy Dunmire



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