Looking closer at the so-called ‘Rural Health Act’

To the editor:

Those of us in Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District represented by Fred Keller recently received a survey soliciting a response on supporting “rural” hospitals. The question as posed: “Do you agree that we must support our rural hospitals and make services more affordable?” The choices are: yes, no or unsure.

My first reaction was I live in a rural area, so this must be good for me. Then I pondered the question and wondered: is this survey, like so many other political polls, slanted to confirm a preferred outcome?

So I decided to rephrase the question in an effort to give voters of the 12th District a broader perspective on the issue. Herein is the revised, illuminated version of the same survey question:

In addition to being taxed for the following government-mandated “health care” related programs: ACA (Obamacare), Medicaid, WIC, CHIP, veterans programs, Medicare, community health centers — Pa., public school nurses, inflated hospital prices to support non-payers, e.g. illegal aliens (note: list is not all inclusive), I would also support a larger portion of my income being taken to subsidize select “rural” hospitals.

Choices: (a) agree, (b) disagree, (c) incompetent.

I would encourage you rot contact Congressman Keller’s office to let him know your position.

Robert Allen



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