Downgrading assault on police would be foolish

To the editor:

I just heard on television this morning that in an area controlled by liberal Democrats, that they want to downgrade an assault on the police from a felony to a misdemeanor.

If you are going to do anything so foolish, then you need to do likewise for an assault on everyone. That includes protestors, lawyers, politicians, judges and all government officials.

If someone comes up to any of these people and smacks them in the teeth because they are dissatisfied with anything that they are doing, it’s just a misdemeanor, subject to a fine, and if they choose to just soak them with water, as some did to the police in the past year, you just ignore it.

Make no arrest, and those people can spend the rest of their work day soaking wet until they air dry. After all, that is what happened to the police.

Stephen Sellers



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