Don’t buy what ‘Black Lives Matter’ group is selling

To the editor:

I am perplexed! Each day I read and hear so many applaud the establishment and the ongoing actions of the “peaceful” BLM activists roaming and destroying even small businesses owned by people of their own race. How does that address grievances claimed? A number of those in support of that communist organization even brought their contempt for our nation to the doorsteps of our Juniata County Courthouse.

What is even more perplexing is who are these protesters following — who are the leaders? Most of us realize that Antifa are anarchists whose interest is the overthrow of our government. Not much different than the Sacco and Vanzetti anarchist duo of times past who were executed for their effort. But who are the creators of the “Black Lives Matter” group? Is their purpose to air the complaints of mistreated Blacks? Is their purpose to raise the educational and living standard of minorities? Is their goal to overcome what is perceived to be disadvantages inherent in some of the distressed communities? No, none of these. Those pseudo claims are but cloaks hiding their real purpose.

BLM was formed by three women whose primary focus was Marxism. Two even bragged about their training as radical Marxists. They claim to argue the plight of Black people but that is not, and never was, the intent of even the fathers of communism, Marx and Engels. In fact both Marx and Engels were racists and bigots to the core. Not much different than that saint of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, whose policy was to crush those she thought inferior, mostly Black babies in the womb. She, Marx and Engels shared the same contempt for Blacks and others who did not measure up to their warped standards. Not only that, but their private correspondence demonstrated an even larger degree of hostility to Black-skinned people, as their writings were littered with racial slurs. In an 1887 letter, Engels wrote that Blacks were closer to “the animal kingdom.”

Knowing the racist history of Marx and Engels how is it that many today give praise to the BLM Marxists — so too, surprisingly many of our religious leaders? Are they simply uninformed or just dupes? And why would a free people kowtow to such a destructive group of Marxists whose Antifa allies roam the streets looting and destroying the businesses of innocents, even those owned by blacks who saved all of their lives in an attempt to secure their own futures?

These are dangerous times made more so by the willingness of some seeking office to placate the agitators who are undermining our constitutional freedoms. Beware the real haters of our republic!

Diane L. Logan



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