If we don’t soften our hearts, change won’t come

To the editor:

I would like to comment on June 15’s editorial in the Lewistown Sentinel titled “With so many still comfortable with their racism, we still have a long way to go.” Thank you for expressing what I’ve been thinking.

So where do we go from here? The political rhetoric has metastasized throughout our nation and widened the divide between people in our culture. This political cancer, both left and right, has also permeated into our churches.

It’s not OK to use racial epithets because it makes you feel good, then make the claim you’re a Christian. It’s not OK to spew an anti-Semitic diatribe, then five minutes later raise your hands in worship to the God of Israel.

I believe this issue in our nation will not be solved by any political solutions. Because both parties have the same agenda. That is, divide and conquer to achieve power. I also believe the church can’t solve this problem until church leaders get publicly involved. They need to stand up for biblical principles and their congregants need to start following what Jesus taught. Remember God is not a respecter of persons and God knows what’s hidden in your heart.

If people do not humble themselves and soften their hearts and show love and respect toward each other, change is not going to happen soon, if at all.

I ask God have mercy on our nation and soften hardened hearts.

Jeffrey C. Baumgardner



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