Excuses for not wearing masks are just that

To the editor:

Having seen all the arguments against wearing a face mask, I want to say something about those excuses, because that is all they are. Excuses that can easily be shot down.

For example, I hear a lot of people, both people I work with and people that I don’t, that it is against their rights and is unconstitutional. Really? I have read the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. None of them mention the wearing of a face mask as either being against your rights or as being unconstitutional. There have even been numerous constitutional attorneys, who have studied the Constitution that also say that the wearing of a mask is not unconstitutional.

Another excuse that rolls out all the time is that “I cannot breathe with it on.” Really? Nowhere in the mandate that came out of Health Department does it say that you cannot remove the mask from your nose for a few seconds to catch your breath. Again, that excuse blown out of the water.

Another excuse that is heard all the time is “it’s inconvenient.” So you are being inconvenienced due to having to wear a mask for an hour while you grocery shop. Big deal. Try being a nurse or a doctor that works anywhere from 8 to 12.5 hours a day, sometimes not getting a break. Do they moan about having to wear a mask? No, they don’t because they know that a mask can save lives.

Another excuse I hear all the time is that “I don’t have the virus, so why do I need to wear one?” Quite simple really. You may be a carrier of it without knowing it. In other words, you may be asymptomatic, but with you not wearing a mask you are carrying that virus home to your parents, your grandparents, your siblings even your friends who may have a weakened immune system. Guess what? You are now guilty of spreading the virus.

I also hear, especially from people who are religious “I am not going to let something invisible rule my life.” I am not even going to respond to that one except to say, are you not already doing that?

There is one reason to wear a face mask and that is that it does save lives. Here is how it saves lives. A person wearing a face mask sneezes or coughs, that sneeze or cough is directed into his or her mask, he or she is taking their germs with them. A person that is not wearing a mask coughs or sneezes, where is that directed to? Normally the open air around them. Guess what that means? That the germs that person just coughed or sneezed out is spreading through the air. So wear a mask and save lives by thinking of your fellow human beings or don’t and be selfish and only thinking of yourself. It is time to choose.

Let me finish this by saying that during a pandemic we should be thinking of helping to save lives and not about ourselves.

George Fisher



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