Don’t allow unrest to be cover for radical takeover

To the editor:

Once again Eric Becht takes a side of an issue to place blame — this time on white people. I was surprised he did not include the name of President Donald Trump in his diatribe.

Yes, there are cultural differences that attach themselves to each ethnic group but they are fostered in and of themselves by their own behaviors. Those of varying heritages that came to this country poor did not look for handouts. It was their sweat and tears that brought them out of poverty. It was their ambition and the resulting effort to take advantage of that which was available to them in an effort to give their children the means and opportunity to live better lives than they had. I know having lived not as an advantaged white person but raised as a child to be responsible for myself and caring of others. You, sir, would have me being somehow wrong to take the reins and advance to my potential.

How is it that blacks are opined as being in “perpetual fear”? And by whom might they be fearful? Perhaps Mr. Becht might take a look at the statistics in such places as Chicago, Detroit and other Democrat control venues and where he might find that yes, blacks are in fear, fear of being killed in the streets of their own communities by other blacks. How does that somehow transfer to being fearful of whites? I will not even get to the fact that many black babies in the womb do not escape the followers of Margaret Sanger who deem them unwanted. There can be found, if voiced, the extreme fear of being murdered in the womb.

We were warned early on that the Wuhan virus was very contagious. It is no less contagious if one is protesting on a crowded street. Nor is it less contagious if the protesters are aligned with arsonists, looters, thugs and bullies in their midst.

The facts of history take note that it was an army of volunteer white soldiers, and later added some blacks, that fought and died in the Civil War to bring together a people in a “more perfect union.” It was not then and is not now those who act as barbarians creating havoc on the streets of our union.

The color of my skin does not and never has given me and many others any advantage over a minority group but more often than not it is the behavioral attitude of some minorities that ignores their own issues that negatively controls their own lives: failure to take advantage of a free education; multiple children raised in homes without a father figure; generational welfare that seems to progress beyond the original concept of aiding one until they could get on their own feet.

I do not know what happened that led to Mr. Floyd’s arrest. It is claimed the police were arresting him for passing counterfeit $20 bills. What is seen on the video does not cover that or what led to him being restrained in such a manner. What I do know is that Mr. Floyd was not the exemplary citizen he is being made out to having been.

What is not being told is his violent criminal history. He had served five years behind bars in 2009 for an assault and robbery two years earlier, and before that, had been convicted of charges ranging from theft with a firearm to drugs. Might it be possible that his history was known to the police and may have caused them to overreact?

If anyone is entitled to the honors being bestowed upon Floyd it should be the retired St. Louis black police captain, David Dorn, 77, who was killed by looters on June 2 while trying to protect a friend’s business when the protests over the death of George Floyd turned violent.

What we see happening on the streets of our cities should be focused on the infiltrators, the anarchists and their allies whose goal is to destroy our nation under the false guise of “white privilege” when in fact they would advance their mimicry of “Saul Alinsky’s 12 Rules for Radicals” using the “hate concept” as cover.

Diane L. Logan



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