Blame for unrest falls on enablers of disrespect

To the editor:

Our culture, our society and elements of our federal, state and local governments, media, church, universities and courts have taught and trained people that it’s OK to resist police, resist arrest, fight police and disrespect them and our laws.

How do you teach and train people to do that? You consistently let them get away with it. It nearly always gets worse and sometimes ends in tragedy.

I don’t blame the people who do these things. The blame goes to all of the above who allow and even foment lawlessness. It’s too bad all bleeding heart enablers can’t shadow police for a few days in the areas that are in the news. They’d change their tunes in a hurry.

Race relations are a separate issue. Tackle those after you you re-establish civility in our streets, neighborhoods and institutions. We don’t need areas of anarchy like they have in the state of Washington. This present wave of racial tension and strife started with President Barack Obama’s supporting the perpetrators and castigating the police. He fueled and fanned the flames at every opportunity.

Donald Hirakis



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