Ask if you’ll be part of problem or solution

To the editor:

I hesitate to write this letter to the editor because I know how people usually respond to them. After the title or the first few lines, we either agree and read on or disagree and think the writer is lying, uneducated, etc. Hopefully by now you have not been able to figure out which “side” I am on and already formed an opinion based on you preconceived beliefs and stopped reading.

Can we all agree on this? Our community/nation is not in a good place right now. Before we start assigning blame to a political party, ethnic group, etc. We should all look in the mirror. Are we not all partly to blame? Haven’t we all said and done things that are hurtful to others? Do we not seek our own selfish interests? Don’t we all wish we could hit the rewind button at times when we do and say things? Maybe we are not all that different after all.

Maybe we all struggle with not being what we wish we were, and what we wish others were as well. Please consider something I suggest as a hypothesis. What if there is an “evil being” whose goal is to steal, kill and destroy and it does this through lying and deceit? If so, isn’t this “evil being” acheiving its goal by influencing us?

What do both sides usually accuse the other of doing? They are all liars, they are selfish and they are stealing. They are destroying lives, the economy, the nation, etc.

Now, what if there is a God who created us and loves all of us; even our “enemies”? What do you think this God is feeling right now as he looks down at how we are treating one another? What if this God loved us so much that he decided to intervene in humanity’s horrible condition by coming to live with us and show us a different way? What would happen if we did what this God showed us and asked us to do, to love one another as he loves us?

I decided to give it a try a few weekends ago when I heard there was going to be a group demonstrating at the Juniata County Courthouse. I realized right away that I had began to form opinions. As I prayed about it, I was convicted. this is not hwat a loving God would do, but more like the “evil being” wanting to stir up anger and hate. I repented and asked myself “what would Jesus do?”

First, he prayed for those around him and then he talked with them one-on-one. He did not care what nationality, political party, occupation, religion, race, gender, etc. people were from. He listened., loved them and talked with them.

So I attended the event with an open mind; not for or against, just being there to interact with some of God’s children. As I mingled, I realized that some only wanted me to listen to them, but when I wanted to share, they turned away and started shouting out a slogan. Others, though, did take time to listen and we had a good discussion and began talking about how we can work together to build up our community.

I pray that God helps me not to fall into the attitudes and actions of the “evil one” but that I can become more like Jesus. It is a constant battle because I am bombarded day in and day out with divisive and hateful attitudes on TV, social media and radio. May God help us all or we will destroy ourselves and our nation. We all have only one choice: will I be a part of the problem or part of the solution? If I/we do nothing, we are part of the problem.

Gary Krabill



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