Wolf, other officials treating us badly

To the editor:

Gov. Wolf had promised transparency. We have not gotten it. I do not believe that the governor can pronounce the word much less spell it!

We have done, voluntarily, what you have asked. We have done it for at least two months. You in turn keep moving the goal posts and refuse to explain or reveal your plans. This leads me to believe your only plan is to keep Pennsylvanians locked up to ruin our economy. Why? What have you been promised to do this cowardly act?

You scold us because we buck what you decree. You threaten us with state police action for trying to pay our bills and feed our kids. You are not a leader but a bully. Bullies have no place in government. Apparently it works some. County officials are caving to your threats.

In closing, I will add that I am sure that most county top officials are still drawing a paycheck while a lot of their citizens are not even able to draw unemployment. Think about that one, folks!

Darvin Yoder



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