We’re not ready to open unless we wear masks

To the editor:

I want to commend the commissioners of Juniata and Mifflin counties and our state legislators on their calm, respectful and caring response to the COVID-19 virus. The well written pleas to the state and the reported discussions of the commissioners showed none of the venom and irrational words and actions we saw exhibited by demonstrators on TV, nor did they call for defying governmental guidelines. I agree that our counties can cautiously reopen following the health guidelines from the medical community.

However, I’m not seeing the full compliance of the public that will protect us from future outbreaks. While many do follow the guidelines, far too many do not. A sign saying that customers must wear masks loses its comfort when the employee in that store working at the food counter is “wearing” her mask around her neck, nowhere near her nose or mouth. A cashier who sanitizes her counter but lets her mask hang loose has defeated the purpose of the sanitizer. When politely pointing out that their masks do me no good unless they are worn, the responses have included shrugs, rolled eyes, laughter and a mask pulled up, but promptly removed for the next customer.

Yes, we are ready to return to business, but until I see my fellow citizens returning with responsible caution I will not be going anywhere but for necessities. Thus, our economy will not bounce back very effectively if we still need to be afraid of our fellow citizens’ lack of respect for the health of others.

Rosalita Leonard



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