Time for voters to oust Trump before it’s too late

To the editor:

The President of this great country continues to fail the American people on a daily basis. The lies, deceit and lack of any compassion or remorse are just a few. This could of gone very differently if he acted right away.

But no, let’s keep on going just to fill his and the other 1 percent’s pockets while the average American gets sick and/or dies. Let’s keep telling us things that we should do or take even if its against his own scientists.

What a pathetic leader. A disaster to our country and the world. While people keep dying fom this he keeps on lying to the American people on a daily basis.

“Make America Great Again?” Our nation was great before him, but with all his lies, treachery and breaking of any and every law that he can just to get ahead. Whether its his or his friend’s pockets or conniving for your vote. He’s done it all! Faied leadership, failed pandemic response and failing the American people every time he opens his mouth.

It’s time to vote! Let’s get him out before it’s too late!

Eric Rhodes



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