Disappointment with her hometown

To the editor:

While working at the PA House of Representatives, I organized visits to Mt. Union and Huntingdon County from PA legislators. I was excited to share all that is good about my hometown. Born and raised in Mount Union, I’ve always been proud of our small town values, of our willingness to help others of our genuine neighborly connections. I know Mount Union was/is not perfect, but for me it was a great place to grow up.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a change that has taken place. Racism and hatred are being tolerated by officials who should be taking immediate action to stamp out this disgusting behavior. A tape that has been circulating on social media made by a young man on the Mount Union wrestling team calls all African Americans the “n-word” and further speaks in obscene and degrading ways about his perception of “n’s.” It is soul wrenching to see/hear.

Has the moral code of ethics governing school behavior been eliminated? When we participated in school activities, good morals were required or we couldn’t participate. Some of my childhood friends are still my friends; and we are sickened by this tape and even more by the lack of consequences. There is absolutely a potential for escalating action.

This type of hatred unchecked can only breed more hatred and eventually violence. I pray MU officials intervene appropriately before this situation turns into another tragic headline.

Yvonne Thompson-Friend



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