This is a time to choose to return to God

To the editor:

We are in the hardest time this nation has faced. We now face an enemy we had never expected, a war that no one could discern.

The coronavirus is affecting all of us in ways never expected.

Everything that was exalted before is now broken down. Sporting events without crowds, closed amusement parks, New York City streets, Las Vegas and New Orleans — streets almost vacant — streets that were once packed.

As businesses close, those who remain in business — grocery stores, health care, etc. are now on the front lines of this war.

As we all work, we do not know if someone with the virus is coming in our presence. Know the effort those of us are making.

Keep us in your prayers for our safety for only God can protect us. This is a time to turn back to our creator, for he is our only hope.

This is not a time for panic. All the things that seemed to matter now have no meaning. Fear is not the answer. This is a time for faith — faith that God and Jesus Christ will get us through this. This is a time to open your Bible and read; a return to God.

If you have abandoned God and Jesus, this is the time to return; to come back.

“We’re all in this together.” One nation, under God is now returning. The rebellion now has consequences. This is a time to obey sound advice, a time to obey God and those he has placed in authority.

Carol Bishop



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