There are resources to help local businesses

To the editor:

In this troubled time, we want to make Mifflin County businesses aware that many regional, state and federal resources are being marshaled to help especially smaller businesses make their way through the turmoil caused by the coronavirus. Most of this help will likely come through the modification of existing or creation of new loan programs through the U.S. Small Business Administration/SBA and the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development/DCED. Other programs or assistance may also be brought to bear to help businesses endure.

As details are shared from SBA and DCED, we will work to share this information with our business community through The Sentinel and various websites, including ours at www.mcidc.org. As a business owner/manager, should you have any questions feel free to reach out to our office via email mcidc@mcidc.org or call our office at (717) 242-0393. It may appear bleak right now, but I know our county, state and country will endure and come out of this stronger. May God bless and keep us through these trying times.

Nick Felice

President/CEO, Mifflin County Industrial Development Corp.


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