The road to nowhere is paved with name-calling

To the editor:

What some of the left see as a cult is nothing more than another opinion.

Everyone on the right and left need to remember what system our country was founded on. A system of checks and balance. Today it’s the right, tomorrow it maybe the left. Term limits on the president ensure he or she won’t be there more than four years without an election.

Everyone needs to stop complaining and help your side (Rep or Dem) by selecting and voting for a candidate that you hope will win. If you don’t win, try again in four years. We must all accept the duly elected members of “our” government. Hate and obstruction are counterproductive.

All this toxic rhetoric from both sides is what is dividing this country. Argue about policy not personality. If you don’t like a policy profess a better one. Don’t believe for one minute calling a person who proposed a policy a cult leader will change anyone’s mind. It only shows a persons weakness and lack of understanding of how our government works.

Michael Spahr



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