The cult belongs to the socialist Democrats

To the editor:

It seems that Mr. Eric Becht is transferring the accusation of cult from the Democratic Party to which it actually belongs to those of us who fight — often individually — in an attempt to protect our values.

It was a cult that passed Obamacare which never lived up to its promise. It was a cult that voted to dream up accusations against our president long before any talks about Ukraine ever came to the fore. And even Pelosi the Democrat cult leader did not want us to know what travesty was coming down the pike but simply said its contents would be known once the bill passed. My God, is that what we are to expect for all future legislation proposed by the Democrat cultists?

I will not even give those who support Democrats a cult label but I will not hesitate in making claim that where many of them now stand the obvious is becoming more and more apparent — they are socialists and without doubt have been joined by their kissing cousins, the communists, one of whom on the debate platform spent his honeymoon in Moscow. If anyone needs proof then look back at one of the “so-called” czars appointed by Barack Obama. His name is Van Jones, an admitted communist who now projects his beliefs upon the viewers of CNN.

When I think of a cult, I am drawn back to the days of Jim Jones and his influence that drove so many to take their lives. When I think of a cult I think of those who advocate in a sinister manner the murder of innocents in the womb and even euthanasia once born. I have no doubts that Planned Parenthood, an oxymoron if ever there was one, is an organization not too far off the mark of cultism.

What has become a travesty is not that which the president had every right to do but the accusations that followed into the arena of impeachment. The president not only has the right to examine the intent of taxpayers money given in aid to another country but to withhold it if it is suspected of funding fraud. Trump had every right to doubt the purpose of the funds.

He did not use the withholding in an attempt to get a prosecutor fired so as to protect his son, Hunter, who was on the board of a fraudulent company collecting $1 million in salary a year. And President Donald Trump did not brag about the withholding of $1 billion-plus in aid as did Joe Biden when vice president. Where was the impeachment crew when Biden did that?

I was one of those cheering the president’s State of the Union presentation for he addressed those issues important to me as well as to those who pay the taxes; to those of us who hate socialism; to those who would eliminate Obamacare and replace it with something in opposition to “Medicare For All” but something that would protect those with an existing medical condition; to those who want a strong military; to those who want a southern wall and oppose sanctuary cities and states that welcome and protect even the dregs of other nations: the criminals, the drug traffickers, the child molesters and without doubt the infiltrating terrorists, etc.

Yes, I am for America first and I would help fund a ticket to a socialist paradise such as Cuba or Venezuela to those who would prefer the evil of socialism as long as they promise not to come back to the greatest republic ever devised by man under the guidance of our Heavenly Father.

Diane Logan



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