Recent letter left much to be desired

To the editor:

I read George Fisher’s submission in the “Opinion” section of Feb. 11 and decided not to dignify it with a reply. On second thought I would be remiss, observing George obviously lacks understanding, as is common today, with legal civic procedure. Let’s rewrite George’s humorous court room act one scene with accuracy and not humor.

Judge to prosecutor: Do you have witnesses to the accused transgressions?

Prosecutor: We do, your honor — 17 witnesses.

Judge: Have them sworn in.

Judge: Mr. Prosecutor, have you finished with witness No. 1?

Prosecutor: We have, your honor.

Judge: Is the defense ready for cross-examination? Where is the defense?

Prosecutor: We decided not to admit any defense testimony or cross-examination as the defendant is obviously guilty and in an effort to save our country, want a speedy guilty verdict so as to remove the defendant from office before Christmas and save our great republic.

Now isn’t that a lot better George? Not as humorous but act 2 and 3 will make up for it with both humor and disgust. Now let’s address Republican racism, traitors to the country, whistleblowers’ rights, 16,000-plus lies — all verified — verified by whom, George? Not the pizza delivery boy, I hope.

Let’s address whistleblowers’ rights. There are too many to list but I’ll give you some reading that might give you a change of perspective: False Claims Act of 1863; Freedom of Information Act of 1966; Whistleblower Protection Act 1989; Obama’s signed Presidential Policy Directive 19 October 2012; Exodus 20:16; 1 Peter 5:8.

My last critique of your article is the insinuation that The Sentinel might not “have the guts” to print your letter and is biased against Democrats. I am a Republican and have often been at odds with some of The Sentinel’s articles. I have disagreed with their editorials at times, but at no time have I ever thought that the sum total of their reporting was biased. Be happy George that you are fortunate enough to be able to read an unbiased publication.

Charles E. Deibert



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