Hoping GOP would put US before party was fantasy

To the editor:

The Senate sat and listened. Hopefully better than I did, considering I could have something a bit stronger than milk or water! And, I will admit, I was playing backgammon throughout the endless hours of repeating the same facts and rebuttals of disinformation and distractions. I can see why it is time to end this charade. We have heard enough!

We have heard how the president abused his power for his own personal political gain. We have heard how he obstructed Congress by refusing testimony and documents. We have heard his public admissions of his crimes. Most importantly we know that he has no remorse nor awareness of his wrongdoing. So, yes, it is time to vote.

I can only hope that the Senate came to some understanding that it is best to give the president a moment of dignity and glory, a moment to claim exoneration, the State of the Union.

Then, Wednesday, Feb. 5, the Senate would convene for the somber vote to convict and remove this cancer from the republic.

This was the fantasy world I lived in until the reality of our post-truth world came to bare when party and person prevailed over country and conscience.

Eric Becht