GOP has become nothing more than cult of Trump

To the editor:

Partisan political divide no longer has anything to do with political ideology or values but is now nothing more than tale of two realities. One being a cult following of a fictional narrative presented by a showman and his propaganda machine and the rest of us sitting in dismay at what is unfolding in front of us.

Watching the Republicans stand and cheer as the president of the United States repeated bald face lies and the Democrats just shaking their heads in disbelief speaks volumes about the state of our union, Unbelievable!

The most telling moment of the night was when the President said he would protect preexisting conditions. Every person in that chamber knows full well that this administration is in court right now fighting to dismantle the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare, stripping Americans of these protections and kick millions off their health insurance. This is an undisputable fact. Yet half of the people there, the same people that have made it their life’s mission to destroy the ACA stood and applauded in full support of this campaign talking point that is a lie!

I can think of only two reasons they could do this and both terrify me. The first is that they knowingly and actively support the mass dissemination of this and countless (well actually 16,000+) other false and misleading statements. The other option is that they are so willingly ignorant as to not know what they themselves are doing while choosing to ignore and dismiss facts that might make this entire fictional narrative unstainable when put to the simplest of rational thought.

This visual of a starkly divided people, a hallmark of this presidency, was a striking display of a wildly successful disinformation campaign that has clearly found its home with the GOP. As a community we have felt this fracture growing and it is hurting us. Seeing the entirety of government listening to the same words but hearing them differently gives me little hope for the future of this republic. That is unless we the people stand up in this next election and do what the GOP has abdicated their responsibility to us to do and remove this cancer of falsehoods from office and return to a world of truth and facts.

Eric Becht