Education money shouldn’t come at expense of racing

To the editor:

After reading your editorial on the money that Gov. Wolf wants to take from the horse racing industry, I just had to respond. You make it sound like the horse racing industry is just a bunch of fat cats making money from racing. There are a lot more people who will be affected by the loss of the money.

For instance all the jobs the trainers and groomers will be lost. The hay and feed mills will lose out due to the fact that they supply all the horsemen the feed for the horses. The local farmers cannot stand any more losses.

The industry that sells all the equipment to haul the horses, till the grounds etc. will lose out also.

The vets and breeders’ incomes will be greatly affected. Do you actually realize how many jobs will be lost in Pa. due to this decision by Gov. Wolf?

Yes, education is very important, but I am sure that there are some very unnecessary things that the state of Pa. is wasting their money on.

Do you realize that the horse racing industry helped bring the slots into the state? They were used as a pawn by the state of Pa. Where is all the revenue from that going?

Dorothy Dowling

Port Royal