By barring witnesses, GOP showed where it stands

To the editor:

Imagine if you will that you are on trial.

Judge (to prosecutor): Do you have witnesses?

Prosecutor: Yes, we do, your honor.

Judge: Well we don’t need to see them. Do have any documents that could prove guilt?

Prosecutor: Yes, your honor, we do.

Judge: Well we don’t need to see them. (To you) As I am not allowing witnesses or documentation I am acquitting you of all charges.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly what the GOP senators did in the cover-up that they claimed was going to be a fair trial in the impeachment of Donald Trump.

The GOP proved, with the exception of Mitt Romney, that they did not have the fortitude to follow the Constitution or to stand up to a so-called president, who by their inaction, is now above the law. They claimed he did no wrong yet Trump stopped any and all witnesses that could have proved this from testifying in the House investigation.

Let me ask you this, if you are as innocent as you claim you are, why stop people from testifying on your behalf? Why stop people from answering subpoenas if you are innocent? By stopping any testimony on his behalf all that Trump did was prove he was guilty.

And before anyone makes the asinine claim that the left would not allow the right to call the witnesses they wanted — Joe and Hunter Biden, and the whistleblower — let me put this as politely as is possible. The Bidens had nothing to do with the investigation. So what if Hunter Biden was hired by a foreign company and made some money? If that is a crime then Trump’s kids are just as guilty.

As for the whistleblower, he or she is protected by federal law — not even the name of the whistleblower can be released. Rand Paul broke the law when he spoke the name of the whistleblower on the Senate floor, but hey, who cares, right? I mean he is a Republican so he can do whatever he wants without consequence. Unlike the Dems who even if they rip up a speech given by a lying president get sent to the ethics committee for nothing.

There are Republicans that will claim that there was no evidence to anything. Sorry to say this but if you read the transcripts and followed the testimony that was given in the House, anyone with even an ounce of intelligence could see the evidence that was there.

Unfortunately the GOP senators that voted no have shown no ability in that department. What they did show was that they put party before the country and as such have proven themselves to be the traitors to the Constitution.

There will also be Republicans that claim that Adam Schiff lied — that is funny considering that Trump has lied 16,000-plus times, all verified, yet they do not care about the lies that he tells.

What the Republican senators have proven is that all they stand for is racism, hypocrisy, bigotry, being fake Christians, poor education and how gullible they are. Unfortunately this is also what his base stands for, as seen in numerous videos either online or in the media and I know that the so-called unbiased editor of The Sentinel will remove that last sentence, he probably won’t even have the guts to print this letter.

He probably will not publish this letter as The Sentinel has proven time after time that it is biased against Democrats.

George Fisher



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