Why don’t parents care to check on their kids?

To the editor:

In November 2018 I emailed a multitude of teachers at Mifflin County Junior High for parent-teacher conferences as my daughter was in her first year of junior high. She did not have bad grades or behavioral issues, but I wanted to make sure she was fitting in socially, she was participating in class, she had good behavior during class, she wasn’t struggling with anything and so on.

I emailed every one of her teachers and set all the conferences for Nov. 13, 2018 in the evening. When it was time to attend the conferences I was so shocked by the statement from one of the teachers when I arrived and introduced myself, and this kind of set the mood for the evening.

The science teacher stated “Nobody ever asks for parent-teacher conferences.” That struck me so hard and I asked her “You mean to tell me that none of these children’s parents ever set up conferences to see how they are doing in school”? She stated “No, never! Not in the time I’ve been here.”

After our actual conference about my daughter, which turned out great by the way, I proceeded to a couple more conferences, and then when I got to American History, about the third or fourth conference, again I was met with an awkward statement. That teacher stated “I haven’t had to do any parent-teacher conferences yet.” This time I just said “Wow, that is unbelievable that these parents don’t care enough to check on their children”!

I continued through Mifflin County Junior High School and my final conference was for health class and took place in the lower level of the school in a little gym office. I introduced myself and the teacher introduced himself to me and then proceeded to make a statement I had become quite familiar with that day.

He said “All my years working here, I’ve never had to come into a parent-teacher conference.” It was almost like he was irritated for having to do one. I took that personally! I said, “Well, I actually care about my daughter and how she is doing in life. I like to make sure my daughter is doing what she is supposed to be doing in school, being good, socializing, making friends, studying, paying attention, doing the work that is required, understanding the work and so on. I couldn’t ever imagine not caring about my daughter”!

After a long afternoon of conferences and the assurance that my daughter was doing fine in school, I left Mifflin County Junior High with a very heavy heart. How could all these parents not care about their children? There’s no way statistically possible that all the kids at Mifflin County Junior High are getting good grades.

Either way, a parent should want to know what their children are doing in school and if they are doing well or not. This is why this generation is going to hell in a hand basket. Parents don’t even care at all about whether their children are succeeding or failing, if they are getting good or bad grades, if they are getting into trouble or not or if they are paying attention. Why do these parents not care? How about a parent-teacher conference to just make sure your child is OK? Maybe your child would appreciate that. Maybe your child would then see that their parents care about them. It is absolutely grotesque that no parent in Mifflin County cares about their child enough to see how they are doing in school!

Aaron DeArmitt



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