The great divide is more than just political

To the editor:

If you think that the divide between the liberal left and the far right is greater now during the Trump administration than ever before, then you should go back to the 1930s during the Roosevelt administration.

Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon succeeded in lowering the top income tax rate to 26% during the 1920s. When President Franklin Roosevelt convinced Congress in the 1930s to raise the top income tax rate to 60%, a small group of wealthy Republicans, mostly Wall Street investors, bankers and industrialists, plotted to overthrow the federal government.

They approached Smedley Butler, a popular retired two-star Marine general with their plan for him to raise an army of 100,000 World War I veterans to perform a coup d’etat and establish a facist government.

When Butler refused their offer and exposed their plan, the threat to American democracy came to an end. Wealthy Republicans detest paying taxes. That’s why their tax rate today is 15% and 21% for corporations, but 37% for working-class citizens.

That’s the great divide!

David L. Faust



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