Thank you for generosity during holiday season

To the editor:

With yet another holiday season behind us, the employees of Mifflin County Children and Youth would like to once again recognize the tremendous outpouring of generosity and kindness by many thoughtful individuals, churches, and businesses for helping to provide many children and their families with a holiday season to remember.

These people, churches, and businesses were part of a joint effort to provide presents for approximately 307 children in our community for the Christmas holiday. In such challenging economic times, we were overwhelmed with the number of people who wanted to give so much to those in need. It was truly inspirational to our staff, as well as the families who received these gifts. Many of the families also asked that we pass along their sincere gratitude.

Every year we are contacted by more and more people and places looking to give back in some way. We are truly grateful for all that you have done.

Thank you to:

Vince and Tina Bowersox, Union 426, Samantha Rager, Ed Parks, Chris Walker, Debbie Himes, SCI Rockview, SCI Benner, Sonnie Baumgardner, Bannerville Church of the Brethren, Standard Steel, Pine Glen Church of the Brethren, West Kish Presbyterian Church, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Milroy, East Kish Presbyterian Church, Sandy Stayrook, Spring Run Church of the Brethren, USW 1940, Holly Snook, Kops 4 Kids, Mifflin County Protohonotary’s Office, Tonya Miner, Robin Werner, Big Valley Bible Church, Mike Baker, Mifflin County DA’s Office, J & B Trucking, Nancy Hopple, Ms. Aungst’s Class, Robin Cherry, Chris Manbeck, Cindy Prough, Steve Snook, Brianna and Pam Kibler, Carol Snyder, Overhead Door, Kathy Jenkins, Lori Hannon, Susan Earp, Nickea Vargas, Kelly Dobson, Fran Horne, Tammy Swartz, Phoenix Rehab, Pam Powell, Watts Memorial United Methodist Church, Municipality Authority of Lewistown Borough, 911 Center, Doug Zimmerman, Cora’s Restaurant, Ms. Cox’s Class, Elizabeth Pent, Adrianne Witters, Connie Miller, Lori Mowery, Dana Haubrick, Yetter Mays Law Firm, Nellie Arnold, Kathy Eckley, Jim Donaldson, Caroline Hepner, Lady Patriots, Heather Briaghtmeyer, Ray Snyder, Sandy Aurand, Mifflin County Register and Recorders, Sacred Gem Tattoos, and Ernest Hill Kennels Boarding and Grooming as well as numerous anonymous donators.

Another thank you goes out to the Charity Knitters and Lake Park Church for their donations of winter hats, scarves and gloves. We also want to thank everyone that contributes to the Mifflin County Children and Youth’s Sugar Bowl Fund throughout the year.

The Employees of Mifflin County Children and Youth