Make sure you are counted in the Census

To the editor:

Several months ago, local United Methodist pastors had the chance to meet our local census representative, Carol King. For many of us, her presentation was very enlightening. Many of us probably think that the Census is just one more thing to do and one more way our government invades our privacy, but nothing could be farther from the truth!

Many of our county and regional funding is based on the count that the Census provides. In other words, when we fail to return our Census form, it means less funding for important services we rely on.

The poor Census returns of our past have directly impacted the amount of funding, grants and other federal aid that we could receive. Our Census count also impacts new business opportunities, as well as school building and program funding, emergency preparedness and much more.

As 2020 approaches, know that you make a difference where you live, by filling out the Census and making sure you are counted.

We hope as a community of churches, to have ways to help you in 2020 with making sure that you can fill out your Census, so be on the lookout for opportunities for help. Most of all please take the time to help yourselves and other community members by making sure you are counted!

Pastor Jean Ward

Reedsville, Church Hill and Milroy United Methodist Churches