Trump has himself, GOP to blame for unfairness

To the editor:

Fair? So I’m to believe that the one man in the whole world who singularly has the ability to use th full power of the presidency of the United States to pressure a foreign leader to help him, not for the country, but for his own personal political advantage in the next election is behaving in a fair manner? How is that a free and fair election?

Fair, yes, would have been hearing from those closest to the president that could defend him but he has ordered them not to testify. Seeing any of the documents that could defend him would be fair. He refuses to release any of them. If he has done nothing wrong, what is he hiding? So, if the House’s impeachment process wasn’t fair, there is no one to blame but Donald J. Trump. It is because of the Trump administration’s obstruction of Congress that has kept it from being fair. The Trump Party in the House, in a partisan act, voted as a party, to collectively allow and participate in putting party and person over country and Constitution. Is that fair? No, it’s partisan. Not all Democrats voted for it, so they were not partisan. The Repubicans were.

Fair would be a trial in the Senate where the head of the Judiciary Committee, Lindsey Graham, and the Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, would not have publicly announced that they will not be impartial. Know that this means they intend to violate the oath they are about to take before God and country to be an impartial juror.

Obviously an oath doesn’t mean much to the Trump Party. And why would we expect anything else? After all, the head of the party treats his oath of office the same way he has treated his wedding vows multiple times. Whatever happened to morals, to honor, earned respect, to the day when your word was your oath? Is this who we are? Is this who we want to be?

What is the end game for this TP? He cheated in the last election by involving a foreign government. Not just any government, but Russia — our adversary! He got caught cheating in the next election. He shows no remorse and sees nothing wrong with his actions. He will do it again. Do we want a republic where the biggest cheater wins? Are we a country that is OK with a political party whose idea of fair is “as long as we win”? Do we settle for those who will say or do anything as long as it benefits the party or do we stand up and vote for leaders who take their oaths as sacred?

Friends and neighbors, as the late, great Sen. John McCain said best “we are better than this!” I ask you all, please take this impeachment seriously. It is not a sham. It is not a hoax. It is constitutional. And if the Senate does its job, honors their oaths of office and oaths to be impartial, the trial will be fair, too. If not, God help us all.

Eric Becht