Effort to impeach Trump is about more than Trump

To the editor:

The more I observe the effort to remove the elected and rightful president of this nation I see a conspiracy disguised.

Of course the progressives are hell bent on impeaching Donald Trump. It is not at all his gruff and somewhat blunt manner or even his tweets they use as a subterfuge. It is the fact he stands openly as a bulwark to their goal of turning this nation into a socialist state. Their end goal is the establishment, along with other dictatorial, socialist and communist states, to form a ‘One World Government’ being directed by already entrenched anti-capitalists in such venues as the United Nations; represented by the United States when it was being formed by none other than Alger Hiss, a known communist, a close friend of another progressive who spoke to her husband, FDR, in favor of the appointment of Hiss.

Too many people in this country are being duped into believing they are entitled to freebies paid for by the working taxpayer. Many of these people only care for what they can glean. All to many are simply parasites stealing from the efforts of others to line their own pockets and they have many in government willing to be their advocates. I do not address those who are in actual and deserved need but to those who would use the American people’s charitable nature to bolster their own greed.

Of course to weaken this nation by any means is the trap being set by those who would undermine the dreams of our founders in the creation of laws befitting a free people — our Constitution, our Republic. By the way, there is not one mention in the constitution of the word democracy.

We are slowly being forced to erase many moral values that have guided us over the decades which led us down a righteous path. We have allowed the murder of the unborn and even the killing of innocents after birth — clearly an act of euthanasia that would make Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, proud of her efforts in that regard.

Even Christmas has been diluted being dubbed not a celebration of the birth of Christ but a ‘winter fest,” a vague holiday season, a myriad of pseudo “religious” celebrations including those with a clear intent to praise evil, the devil himself. The birth of Christ is somehow not to be celebrated but scorned as if it never happened; to be thrown into a fantasy world not much different than that of the Holocaust deniers.

Might I give you a thought? If the socialists are successful in winning the battle of impeachment who next? Is it Pence? If both Trump and Pence are removed or otherwise “erased” would the American people accept the San Francisco queen of all that is immoral to assume her place in the Oval Office? She is after all, by law, the next in line. How many of our constitutional freedoms would she rip out from that doctrine written to protect and benefit a free people so as to keep herself in favor with disruptive back door religious hypocrites like herself and political heretics?

I did not vote for JFK but I fully endorse his statement: “Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.”

Diane Logan



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