Rebuttal did nothing but prove previous points

To the editor:

After reading the letter from Diane Logan published on Oct. 1 in The Sentinel, all I could say was what utter nonsense.

Yet again she makes the asinine claim that I am a hater of Christians. She could not be further from the truth even if she tried to be. She then mentions “irresponsible women.” Wow, she either has did not read my last letter or she is just spewing the ignorant propaganda from the pro-life movement.

A little fact for her and other members of the pro-life movement, while there are some women that are irresponsible, not all women who get an abortion are like that. As stated in letters published a couple of months back, 70% of abortions are performed on married women, not the irresponsible woman as claimed by Mrs. Logan in her letter. She also makes the claim that the woman is the one responsible for getting pregnant. You do know Mrs. Logan, that a man can use a condom to help prevent pregnancies happening, but no, just like the members of the pro-life movement, she blames the woman. Now that is evil.

Mrs. Logan, no matter how she cuts it, is quite all right with throwing her pro-religious views in people’s faces, but hates it when someone who is an atheist, not evil by the way, and has a different pro-choice view states their opinion.

What’s wrong Mrs. Logan? Do you just want to dictate to others what they should do and how they should think. That sounds suspiciously like being a dictator to me. That story she gave about talking to a woman to stop her having an abortion sounds more like the woman was dictated to, to have her do things your way and not her way.

Mrs. Logan seems to think that being for women’s rights, one of which is to have an abortion if she wants, is evil. No, Mrs. Logan, what is evil is forcing a woman to term when she does not want to have another child. What is evil is not allowing that unwanted child to suffer just because you don’t like the medical procedure known as an abortion. What is evil is putting more kids into an already overcrowded and underfunded adoption/foster care system. Speaking of which, she never did mention how many kids she and her buddies in the pro-life movement were going to adopt.

In her previous letter, Mrs. Logan claimed that abortion is a sin and murder. I asked her to provide the proof of this and where it states that in the mythical book known as the Bible, she obviously could not do this as neither the word abortion or the phrases “abortion is murder” or “abortion is a sin” are in the Bible. The pro-life movement must think they are God when make these claims.

And then we actually get to the crux of matter. She mentions governmental officials, all Democrat I might add, as being so-called Christians that support abortion. Well I look at it a different way, those officials are actually supporting women’s rights, which by the way Mrs. Logan, is not evil as claimed, but is actually good. Unfortunately, she forgets that the party with the most anti-women’s rights policies is the GOP as can be seen by the recent states run by the GOP that have passed draconian anti-abortion laws, including Ohio whose anti-abortion bill that passed recently has no provisions in it for cases of rape or incest.

So no, Mrs. Logan, making the claim that people who are pro-choice are evil just shows you to be one of the dictator wannabes of the pro-life movement and not one of the loving so-called Christians they claim to be, and for all members of the pro-life movement, unless a woman getting, as is her right, an abortion affects you personally, then you do not have the right to tell her what to do with her own body. In other words keep your nose out of other people’s business.

George Fisher



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