Goose Day getting bigger and better every year

To the editor:

With the dust settling and the dishes finally done, we’re looking around to see that Goose Day 2019 was a success. Thank yous go to many, many people from the businesses, groups and individuals that stepped in to host an activity and/or serve dinners. It’s because of this participation that Goose Day’s popularity is on the rise. More than 2,800 goose dinners were served in our two counties!

No single agency or business controls Goose Day. The Juniata River Valley Visitors Bureau’s role in this local holiday is to encourage and promote the events created by people who believe in Goose Day’s potential. Everyone is welcome to participate. From festivals and special events to goose dinners and retail sales, the things to do this year filled 12 pages of The Goose Day List, and we trust it will continue to build next year.

Of course, the list was of little use without the consistent advocacy by The Sentinel. Thank you very much for encouraging your readers to get out and do something over the four-day Goose Day Celebration. And for those of you on Instagram, you may have seen two new faces lighting up our feed. Sisters Kate and Korinne Newcamp “took over” our account and posted their own photos from many of the participating businesses and community events. Thank you, Goose Girls, for the fresh perspective!

The Visitors Bureau has already moved on to organize the 23rd annual Festival of Ice but Goose Day promotion is never off our minds. If you’d like to join the Goose Day celebration, there are many ways to get involved. If your business, church, or group is interested in organizing an activity — get the ball rolling!

Call our office if you’d like it included on the list or if you’d like to talk about ideas. Individual volunteer opportunities are available at the festivals that take place or be a spectator and make plans to visit as many participating businesses and activities that you can next year. Why not invite your friends and family to go with you? Successful promotions and events make the sponsors more willing to do it again next year — and that’s a very important part of Goose Day.

Our goal is to make Goose Day as well known as Groundhog Day and to do that, we need everyone in Mifflin and Juniata counties to know about it.

Jenny Landis

Juniata River Valley

Visitors Bureau


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