Thank you to all involved in ‘Let Freedom Ring’

To the editor:

Extending a big thank you for the beautiful “Let Freedom Ring” concert that was held Friday evening June 28, 2019, on South Main Street in Lewistown, in front of the Embassy Theater featuring the Lewistown Community Band and “Let Freedom Ring” Chorus. Paul Fagley of “Friends of the Embassy” welcomed all present and then shared updates regarding the restoration that is being done at the Embassy Theater.

The setting was perfect for the evening’s presentation. A sky of blue was hovering overhead and the cotton-like clouds were gorgeous. As you sat on South Main Street, you could see the flags of the various branches of service waving in the breeze then continuing to look forward the large American flag was waving high above Monument Square and around the square were flags and more flags fluttering tirelessly as if they knew this was the evening to celebrate.

Peter Marsh, director of the band, stepped to the podium, raised his baton, everyone to their feet, all hats removed and hands were placed over hearts as the band opened the concert with the playing of our national anthem, “Oh say can you see…”

Marjorie Davidson continues to be spokesperson for the band and she stepped to the microphone and gave the description of the selection the band would be playing and throughout the evening she shared thoughts regarding the bands selections.

For the tenth year, Miss Stephanie’s dancers were on the agenda and they danced beautifully to a song known to all of us, “Singing in the Rain.” Thanks to all of you for a great performance.

Commander Brad Williams was next on the program and he narrated what each fold means when folding our American flag. Veterans Charles Philips and Glen Hetrick made the folds on the flag and you could have heard a pin drop on South Main Street as the men did a great job of folding the flag, which concludes with a triangle. Thanks men for that awesome presentation.

Now it is time for the “Eight to the Bar Sisters” to do their thing and they were marvelous. They get your toes tapping and you find yourself humming along as they sing. Thanks to all of you for a super performance.

I continue to love when the band plays the anthem regarding the Armed Forces, and men and women stand for their branch of service and are rewarded with a tremendous round of applause. All of you are very special.

And now the risers start to fill and the “Let Freedom Ring” chorus is going to sing a few selections directed by Terri Limes. They were outstanding and their closing song was “Battle Hymn of the Republic.” Great job.

Thanks to the band members and chorus people for giving of your time to learn all the music for this presentation and to Pete and Terri for all they do to make this evening possible. You are appreciated.

Thanks to God for the nice weather he provided for the evening and thanks to all of you for coming and giving of your gifts and being supportive of the band, chorus and all others that performed during the evening.

Thank you to our men and women who continue to serve in the military and are keeping us safe here in Mifflin County. You are appreciated.

To God be the glory! Looking forward to 2020.

God bless the United States of America!

It was a delightful way to start the Fourth of July week.

Sis Norton