Sometimes all it takes is asking to make it happen

To the editor:

As many of you are aware, Penelec/FirstEnergy has an electric substation on Electric Avenue near the intersection of Mill Road and Electric Avenue. This building, known as the trolley barn in its former life, had been neglected over recent years. Several windows were broken and covered with weathered plywood. While the building is brick, the trim and gable ends had not been painted in years.

This building is one of the first things motorists see when exiting US 322 West at the Electric Avenue exit. Clearly, this building sits at a gateway to Lewistown and Derry Township neighborhoods. The impression it made certainly left a lot to be desired.

As a result, we reached out to Beverly Green, Regional Director of External Affairs, for Penelec/FirstEnergy and asked if FirstEnergy would provide a much needed facelift to the property. In the interest of being a good corporate neighbor and ambassador for Penelec/First Energy, she committed herself to moving the project forward through the corporate structure. As a result, the building has seen a remarkable transition. Check it out the next time you drive past it.

We are appreciative of Beverly Green and commend her for her sensitivity to the issue we presented. Further we are thankful to First Energy and its commitment to our community.

Sometimes, great things happen, simply by making “the ask.”

Steve Dunkle

Kevin Kodish

Rob Postal

Mifflin County Commissioners