I can’t thank you enough for finding my dogs

To the editor:

Our dogs disappeared a few days ago from our home in Mill Creek and we advertised them in The Sentinel.

An elderly couple found the dogs Saturday afternoon down state Route 655 between Belleville and Reedsville, around 20 miles from home.

They were trying to flag down other cars because they were unsure of what to do. A younger couple finally stopped and saw they had a Huntingdon County license and rushed them 35 minutes to the Huntingdon County Humane Society, and then we rushed them to State College to the animal hospital where they are still in critical condition.

We were told had they not been found Saturday, they probably would not have made it another night. When we got to the Humane Society to pick them up, the couple that took them was already gone, so I just wanted to put a huge thank you out to the two couples that found the beagles along Route 655.

Alicia Mann

Mill Creek