Democrats have 3 choices; none of them are good

To the editor:

Am I a Democrat or Republican? I am an Independent-conservative. My suggestions in the “opinion” are targeted at the seasoned young, middle aged and the elderly Democratic voters.

Dedication to the Democratic Party is admirable. It can still revert back to the original “People’s Party-your grandfather’s party.” It is now governed by a hard core of Saul Alinski-ers. Who is Saul Alinski?

Saul Alinski (Jan. 30, 1909-June 12, 1972) is considered the founder of “community organizing.” You’ll probably remember that profession as being the only job a recent president of the U.S. held before entering into politics. Many of Alinski’s rules were enlarged on by rules developed by Lenin. His theories led to Russian socialism. The ghost of socialism has risen from the dead in the form of 20 socialist candidates for president clothed in Democratic attire.

If you witnessed the first and second Democratic presidential candidate debates, were you sickened by the practiced plan to inject unattainable promises to the poor and middle class by forcing the rich to foot the bill?

Who are the rich? Every year a list of the wealthiest Americans is published. In 2018, 67 percent of the list consisted of the self-made wealthy. They created their own wealth. These men are not stupid, or just fell off of the turnip truck, but hard working and look favorably to giving some small town business a helping hand in expanding their company and their employees with a chance to achieve what they had, by hard work. Do your homework. There are not enough rich to pay for the socialist-promised goodies. Socialisism is great until it runs out of other people’s money.

Three groups are being targeted to achieve their goal of changing our republic into a socialist third-world nation of 300 million losers?

The three groups being targeted are “Saints,” “Sinners” and “Suckers.” The Saints are the group of “Grandpa voted for the party so I guess I will too.” This group takes very little “over the eye wool pulling.” A Sinner is anyone or any organization who is a member of another political party. Repeated lies and false accusations will take care of this group. And now “Suckers.” This group can be divided into two parts: white and black low-informed voters and illustrious high school, college and post-graduate group who have never experienced hard times and have gleefully gone through our educational system taught by degreed socialists. Both groups salivate at the prospect of receiving financial independence with minimal work or sacrifice. As was recently said, “To ruin a democracy, reduce the voting age.” Has this come to pass?

Democrats, it would appear that you have three choices: vote socialistic and be prepared to tell your children and grandchildren “I bear some responsibility for your hardship,” vote for the opposing party and be sentenced to eternal damnation in hell or don’t vote and hope that there were enough people willing to go through eternal damnation in hell to send socialists packing.

Charles E. Deibert