Let’s try to make peace, not war with Iran

To the editor:

The government claims Iran shooting down a drone off their coast is unprovoked. We violate the nuclear treaty that they are abiding to. We place devastating trade embargos on their country destroying their economy, send a naval fleet toward their shores, send more troops [as if we don’t already have enough over there], verbally threaten to destroy their country. How is this not provoking them?

Mike Pompeo and John Bolton have lied us into wars before. Most of the world already consider these two men war criminals. We are letting Saudi Arabia and Israel tell us who our enemies are.

If we go to war with Iran it won’t be easy. Thousands will die and millions more will be refugees. Why?

We have proven we can take the path of peace with Iran. Let’s do that instead. All the wars we have started in the Middle East have accomplished nothing but devastation and loss. Let’s stop being warmongers and start being peacemakers.

Timothy Dunmire



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