Climate alarmists should lead by example

To the editor:

Mr. Gary Gill, in his letter of March 14, takes me to task for belittling the opinions of intellectuals. He, perhaps, might have sensed that what I was belittling were the proposals of politicians, but no matter: what is interesting is his division of the world into two groups — intellectuals and uneducated people.

I tend to think of intellectuals as people, generally with advanced college degrees, many of whom who spend their days evaluating the state of the world or proposing ways to make it better.

The rest of us, I suppose, are “uneducated people” who thus have little to offer on such subjects, because, in trying to get through the daily chores of existence, we are mostly concerned with how things are today or may be tomorrow.

Mr. Gill may fault us for not worrying about the future; but the future, in the dire predictions of scientists, always seems so far off that it’s hard to pay much attention to it when so much has to get done today.

The world is moving toward reductions in fossil-fuel use in a gradual and responsible way in the increase in the use of solar panels; when this technology is shown to have material economic benefits, this trend will take off like a rocket. I’m not sure about wind turbines, however: like Teddy Kennedy, “I don’t want them where I sail.”

But, these efforts will not totally eliminate fossil-fuel use for generations; so, if climate alarmists want faster action, they should take the lead, thereby setting examples for the rest of us, by turning off their electricity and riding bicycles, for starters. Of course, to heat their houses in winter, they will have to cut down trees, leading to mass deforestation and probably major flooding.


John Brittain